Family Constellations

These 90 minute sessions are given in person in my clinic. This wonderful modality, developed by Bert Hellinger, explores how deep forces in our family systems, even over generations, may influence our thoughts, behaviours, health & emotions.

We tap into a "knowing field" that surrounds each family to explore this living phenomenon. One can gain a new perspective about self and members of our family and let go of what no longer serves and what may block transformation.

Typically, we may explore issues such as self sabotage, difficult relationship with parents & siblings as the hidden dynamics within the family system are revealed and transformed. Figurines and footprints are used to represent family members.

Vered creates a representational “field” on a table with various figurines. Figurines are chosen to represent oneself and other people and concepts in one’s life and are moved around accordingly.

Testimonial, Jose from Camden

"This process was amazing. It was like watching the elements of my psyche represented in this field of figurines. By virtue of what I chose to represent family members and concepts in my life, the truth of my subconscious feelings were revealed. For all my 33 years I had hated my step-mother and somehow through this process I was able to feel a level of empathy as I understood that she was the "victim" of her own family field and story. The session allowed me to rearrange my heart space around my personal narrative. Thank you Vered for liberating me from the darkness of holding hatred."