About Vered

About Vered

My loving intention is to help people align themselves to their purpose and thus obtain the joy of fullfilment through knowing self.

I have a background in acting, voice-overs, teaching, French & Spanish interpreting and subtitles, company management, psychotherapy, astrological consultation, but changed my direction in the early 90's after a profound spiritual experience.

As a result, I left a beautiful, safe, literal life to enter into the sometimes rocky, yet ecstatic terrain of her Divine Purpose.

This required exploring my past lives and ipso facto my future possibilities.

In seeking the authenticity of my personal blueprint, I was challenged by health issues and an ever-widening paradigm shift. I was able to heal myself from ovarian cancer and avoid surgical and pharmaceutical intervention.

A hypnotic regression in 2002 birthed my fascination with deep hypnosis, the session allowing me to "remember" and "re-experience" my other dimensional selves.

The experiential realisation of my multidimensionality, including my origins from the Pleiades star system, compelled me to undertake further training in hypnosis and train with Dolores Cannon.

"This work, especially over the last few years, as the world undergoes tremendous change, has been a privilege and has cradled me from seeking expertship into surrendering to the absolute truth of the universe, which continues to reveal itself and unfold. The fifth dimension is the love vibration.

It is my heart felt passion to help others liberate themselves into their truth and also to share my ever evolving understanding of other dimensional realities as part of the raising of consciousness so needed on this planet. The earth is going through an unprecedented renaissance and many people are seeking to redefine themselves accordingly.

Her credentials include:

Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (ACAP)

B.A. (Honours) (Uni of N.S.W)

Dip of Ed (Sydney Uni)

Diploma of Advanced Past Life Regression (Trained by Dolores Cannon - Level One and Two)

Clinical hypnotherapy (Trained By Akash Olver)

Time line Therapy

Reiki 1 and 2

Samvahan (Trained By Michael Trembath)

Medical Intuition 1 and 2

NAATI 3 accreditation as a French and Spanish translator

Samvahan practitioner

Jungian Astrologer

Member Of: IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapies)

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